How to Get TOP 10 in Bing SERP?

We have actually been heavily recording the rise of Bing on this blog, and there’s no denying it has certainly improved Microsoft’s position in terms of search market share.

So now the concern for website owners and SEO’ers remains– “How to rank on bing and own more traffic to my site?”

While the jury is still out on conclusive strategies for top ranking success in Bing, there seems to be a growing chorus of support for specific methods, which I have detailed below:

  • Backlinks While backlinks are still utilized in the bing algorithm, it seems not to the very same level as Google. Backlink counts for leading 10 websites in Bing are much lower than Google, suggesting less significance.
  • Anchor Text It seems that Bing focuses more heavily on relate to relevant anchor text, so that should affect your connecting strategy– get your text anchor text right.
  • Onpage Optimization One of the more contensious factors, but numerous SEO specialists think Bing is weighting more heavily to on-page optimization. Not sure this will stay the case, if in reality it holds true.
  • Keywords in URLs add considerable ranking advantages
  • Title Tags are as important as always
  • Internal link anchor text appears to include significant weight to material relevance
  • Age & Authority It appears that Bing positions a greater weighting on site/domain age and authority than Google. Again an element that is undoubtedly not sustainable given the significance of social networks and blog sites in regards to pertinent outcomes.

Below is a chart that SEOwizz produced based Bn some analysis they conducted. They compared the leading 2 outcomes for the search “SEO Solutions” in Bing and Google to identify what factors matter most for the two particular websites.

As you can see from the basic consensus and SEOwizz’s experiment, the leading ranking elements for Google and Bing do differ.

The essential thing to note is that none complete, so to obtain Leading 10 rankings in Bing and Google wont compromise each other. Smart website owners need to be covering off the factors of each online search engine to maximize their site traffic.

If you’ve done your very own research into what works and does’t work for Bing SEO– we ‘d love to hear what you’ve found out.